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Recommender System – An IntroductionAll slides in PPT(2003)

Recommender Systems –

“…We compare and evaluate available algorithms and examine their roles in the future developments. In addition to algorithms, physical aspects are described to illustrate macroscopic behavior of recommender systems.

Potential impacts and future directions are discussed. We emphasize that recommendation has a great scientific depth and combines diverse research fields which makes it of interests

for physicists as well as interdisciplinary researchers.

Recommender systems with emotional attitudes and preferences

Recommender Systems: Content-based, Knowledge-based, Hybrid

Tutorial: Recommender Systems – A Practitioner’s note book – Practitioner’s gold


: A Framework for Developing and

Testing Recommendation Algorithms – You can use the author’s list along with your own development – A meta application of recommender systems

-         A Practitioner’s Gold to apply using R

How to build a recommendation engine

A recommendation engine for product recommendation

A richer, higher intelligence based presentation

A real time recommendation engine in big data based spark system