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This is a sample of collection meant for lecturing. You will see it as more professorial!

Information strategy is becoming more and more important as organizations realize that there are data that are flowing through their processes and systems and it is better that they build the right aqua duct system of data flows and use that water of intelligence to become analytically competitive.

Remember information strategy is different from data strategy and you need analysts to help you to master the both – one more reason why you need a CAO (spelled KO!), Chief Analytics Officer. 

The video presentation mentioned below is to understand what is an information strategy, how is it related to the organization’s strategy, how is it executed, and how it could be part of both re-engineering as well as continuous development in marketing or organizational analytical competitiveness.   

How to develop and deploy an information strategy.mp4

Those who are joined as community member of this blog get to hear more of this, on permission basis the following list of 10 videos. This is a sample of collection meant for lecturing. Use it for what it is worth.

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07/20/2016 8:05pm

Enormous information and investigation have moved to the highest point of the corporate motivation. Together, they guarantee to change the way organizations work together, conveying the sort of execution increases last found in the 1990s, when associations overhauled their center procedures. What's more, as information driven methodologies grab hold, they will end up being an undeniably vital purpose of focused separation.

08/27/2016 3:52am

As a student, I noted from our class discussion that strategic analytics is important to be combined with leadership skills. This is to enhance growth and margin through detailed understanding of market structures and dynamics and competitive environment as well. Strategies are really important to improve one's expertise to market flow adjacencies and performance.

08/18/2016 9:19pm

Cool, your article is very helpful! So many info about informational strategy!

11/19/2016 4:12am

Can I, with this 10 vedios, make fully strategy? Or I need specialist to help me?

You need to rewrite this great article in order to actual time. Some info is outdated;

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