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Even Math Professors Fail in This Simple Game – Why ?
The title is a funny disparaging statement and people say that because it is sensational and to add to that, the experiment explaining person actually works with a professor to prove this point.

The truth is it knocks off even highly trained mathematicians and statisticians, and yes even mathematics and statistics professors because some times we trust our intuition or do not listen extremely carefully.

Most of the times our intuition works, but not always. Of course, never undermine the power of careful listening.  It is better said than followed.

You will love this little video and see why you should also rely on mathematics (am i excited to say, rely on probability and statistics).  This is called ‘Monty Hall Problem’.



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The fact that many respected mathematicians couldn't understand this and were so determined that it was 50/50 is baffling to me. I didn't get it right away.

04/11/2017 10:06pm

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