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The above animations were courtesy of the works from the fifth link, below.

Animation is building a series of images and combining them as a movie.

There are three slightly different ways to do animation. 

(1) You may use package ‘animation’.  This has built it saving facility, to save Flash, GIF, HTML pages, PDF, and Videos, such as saveSWF(), saveGIF(), saveHTML(), saveLatex(), and saveVideo().  While HTMLpages are created using the R and javascript, we need PDF creator for embedding animated graphics with in PDF.

(2) Or you can use R, statistical calculations, and lapply and plot functions, to get codes to draw the sequence of gif files. Combine them using save.gif function available in R, which in turn needs a software in your system to be installed, called, imagemagik (Windows download) – available at the bottom of the site.  Here block updates as screen shots seems to work easily.  These you do them on your own. Going through these helps you understand the foundations of animations.

This approach uses ggplot to capture varying screen shots, with out using gganimate.

(3) Or you can use gganimate to do the animation.

All the methods fundamentally use the following pseudo code approach. (this snippet is from the first reference below) <- function(args.for.stat.method,, …)
i = 1
while (i <= ani.options(“nmax”) & other.conditions.for.stat.method) {
# pause for a while in this step
i = i + 1

# (i – 1) frames produced in the loop
ani.options(“nmax”) = i – 1

Whatever the method you follow, there is more power in animated graphics compared to static graphics. Go animaation! 

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This website is excellent and so is exactly how the topic was explained. I likewise such as some of the remarks also. Awaiting the next article.

College taught me how to do simple animations in our software packages subject. It was fun because it entertained me a lot, especially when I was doing the Spongebob animation. I never thought I would have a chance to do an animation myself. Computers and software wasn't really my thing, but it's satisfying to learn something new. If I would do an animation, right now with the same software I used years ago, I would barely have the chance to do it again. Thank you for sharing this. You brought back college memories.

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This is Sarmad, I have read your article that creation of animations is such a difficult task to perform in a shorter time. Well, This is an amazing work of art.

12/21/2016 2:00pm

This is Ayesha Saleem. I jst read out the whole article. I noticed that making an gif a semi animated image is such a difficult task. As many companies get performed by their employs.

Hello admin,
This is Aisha. I have read your article and i really appriciate your work. There are also many software to create animated pictures so why not you try them?

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Thank you for github link. I have a few questions about your code.

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