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With well established social media sites and tools, the processes and intelligence of bringing together talent pool is a big-data and analytics driven endeavor. In this exposition, the faculty in Institute of Analytics (USA) ™ will share how we help companies in using big data technology and analytics to rank members from a database for talent acquisition.  The most common social sites that are helpful in talent acquisition and talent validation are Facebook, LinkedIn, and the collection of job-sites. We use big-data technologies, to scour the internet, and rank individuals on the basis of more than 100 dimensions and provide a ranking of individuals on the basis of these scores.  For some clients, we incorporate their employee acquisition database and provide highly personalized scoring algorithm, which are used in real time to score individuals.



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07/12/2016 5:35pm

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02/28/2017 6:29am

It seems that each year there is a new social media "star." Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn rose to stardom in recent years, and 2012 the year of Pinterest.

03/09/2017 3:25am

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03/11/2017 6:50am

As with other social networks, if you want to get noticed on Instagram, follow some basic rules such as interacting with other users, posting regularly and adding interesting descriptions to your pictures.

03/28/2017 8:24am

I've written about the importance of using visuals in Content Marketing, and how the use of image-focused Social Networks such as Pinterest has grown exponentially for businesses over the last few months. I've also weighed in on the absolute necessity that every online business should have a Mobile Optimized website. The next logical conclusion in keeping your business up to date in the online world is the adoption of Instagram as a brand building tool.

03/30/2017 4:31pm

Using social media sites for marketing can dramatically expand the reach of your business. Even those companies that are doing well can derive some benefits from this method of outreach. You will find a variety of tips in this article to benefit your quest to grow your business enterprise.

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04/11/2017 8:50am

What approaches do you use to analyse such a huge massive of information? I'd like to know.

04/19/2017 6:17am

Gone are the days when hiring a marketing agency was considered as an expensive matter. But with the increasing competition in market and social media.

04/19/2017 9:05am

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