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Big data revolution has began

What is big data?

How big is big data? 

Human Face of Big Data

Demystifying Hadoop

Big data storymap 

Analytics:  How Big Data Can Solve our Most Complex Problems

Introduction to MapReduce – Map Reduce Programming Tutorial 

Hadoop, cluster computing, and full stack computing architecture

11 Case studies in Big Data Applications 

Value of Big Data – an IT insider View



07/19/2016 7:23pm

Wow, these are a lot of informative and helpful videos about learning different aspects of "data". I am really grateful and thankful for your uploads. This will surely help me with my course about Data allocation. I can see the different categories and branches of learning data. I will surely tune in and watch everything on the list.

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10/23/2016 6:12am

Big data is starting to take over our companies' hardware and manual labor yet we still require a proper grip on them. We must train for such scrum disorders and keep everything in a sequence.

11/13/2016 7:36am

I feel like that I've read this post before. Yet I don't remember where.

12/19/2016 2:05am

02/14/2017 12:58pm

This is a lot of videos! I am glad I found this site. These are very helpful big data videos. I am surely going to watch them all and share this to my friends. Thank you for being thoughtful in sharing these videos. May you continue your work and more blessings for you.

04/11/2017 8:49am

Every corporation studying big data analysis now. This is a must for gain a statistic.

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