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President Obama, our brilliant President hits home runs on all corners.

On its July 11th Special Communication, in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) President Obama published an article about "
United States Health Care ReformProgress to Date and Next Steps" with the author title Barack Obama, JD. with author affiliates details as,  Author Affiliations - President of the United States, Washington, DC

In simple four graphic illustrations he hits home runs on his key purpose and achievements of ACA.

I copy and post here those four graphics, each comes with its conclusion.  Each of these come with proper citation. 

Some important lessons for students.

Simple line graph, bar graph, linear model graph as very powerful and it will solve most of your key communication needs.



09/07/2016 10:48pm

Exactly, this is too much important to show the graph of heath and care of the people of president Obama, who check out this and provide a brilliant and affordable health care services for the public. I appreciate your site and the Obama who prove as a good leader for their country.

12/20/2016 5:08am

Hello admin! This is remarkable article as well as it is valuable for the entire person and I want to say that I would like to write on this subject too. You have an interesting written of this topic.

01/28/2017 11:31am

Obama's Affordable Care Act has been huge help to the citizens of the US. He really knows what we need. I consider Obama as one of the greatest presidents of the US. He may not be perfect but he served our nation very well. He and his family will surely be missed. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. I hope you'll write soon!

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