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08/13/2016 6:08am

You were able to come up with a great picture that delivers a good lesson. I admire your creativity as to how you illustrate each line. I can say that I learned from your work. Both of them are informative and able to communicate well with its audience. I will most likely to visit your blog again.

There are many factors to consider being a great story teller. This picture reminds me of my high school life. My English teacher assigned me to be part of a story telling competition. I felt nervous at that time. I prayed to God for wisdom and knowledge. Unfortunately, I did not win in the said competition, because of my low accent. I am happy to experience that kind of competition.

08/28/2016 3:13am

Thank you so much for these tips! They are amazing. I will use them in the future.

You can be a good storyteller butr you need to have a certain skills to be a writer. Do you want to know more?

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