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Recommender System – An IntroductionAll slides in PPT(2003)

Recommender Systems –

“…We compare and evaluate available algorithms and examine their roles in the future developments. In addition to algorithms, physical aspects are described to illustrate macroscopic behavior of recommender systems.

Potential impacts and future directions are discussed. We emphasize that recommendation has a great scientific depth and combines diverse research fields which makes it of interests

for physicists as well as interdisciplinary researchers.

Recommender systems with emotional attitudes and preferences

Recommender Systems: Content-based, Knowledge-based, Hybrid

Tutorial: Recommender Systems – A Practitioner’s note book – Practitioner’s gold


: A Framework for Developing and

Testing Recommendation Algorithms – You can use the author’s list along with your own development – A meta application of recommender systems

-         A Practitioner’s Gold to apply using R

How to build a recommendation engine

A recommendation engine for product recommendation

A richer, higher intelligence based presentation

A real time recommendation engine in big data based spark system



I am so glad to have found these PPT files as I am really in need of them. Recommender systems is a bit hard to understand. Though, with these PPT it was super easy to understand it all!

03/28/2017 2:33am

I certainly agree. Recommender systems are too vague to understand. It’s not like eating doughnuts and feeling full afterwards. There’s more to it than reading the powerpoint presentation files. It’s so good to know that you’ve share relevant research and studies about this topics. I think my boss will be happy to see these files. I bet she can make use of your information for our company discussion too.

This blog is very helpful in the world of Recommender System in the social web and the to consumers who want to improve their buying behavior theory. Though the process of this idea is quite complicated, this blog will help the reader to enlighten their minds in terms of making the right choices of the things they buy and how they should spend their free time. On a personal note, I highly recommend this blog to students and entrepreneurs who are giving a big importance in the field of Recommender Systems.

12/13/2016 10:10pm

Thank you for sharing these references with us. I am conducting my research on systems and algorithms. Finding such reliable references takes me much time because there are so many fake and unreliable references scattered in the internet. Thank God I found this site. I can now go through with my research.

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