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Design of Experiments – SAS, SPLUS, and other software

This material is getting consolidated from different writings I had in the past:

The SAS ADX interface provides for standard designs, though SAS has other sophisticated tools such as FACTEX, OPTEX, GLM, RSREG and NLP for construction, analysis, and optimization of sophisticated experimental designs under its over all SAS System. The demo will unravel these nuances, I thought.

The other (second favorite of mine, though I do not use a lot of it as much it deserves due to day to day client priorities) is the SPLUS. It is powerful, object oriented, versatile statistical application software, yea one more language!

I have been following this software for almost 15 years now and it has only grown in sophistication; the public domain variation of SPLUS with the same programming statements is R software.

– The monograph to go with SPLUS/R DoE tool is D.R.Cox and N. Reid, The Theory of Design of Experiments, Chapman Hall Publications
– An interesting book that uses sophisticated design of experiments for business/marketing purposes where the authors trade marked the “Multivariate Testing” as their own is ; you may see some very nice reference to marketing/business applications.

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