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Using statistical methods to sift through candidate applications in an HR environment – HR analytics

Here is a generic way to get help for automating analysis and short listing of candidates for interview if you are getting 1000s of applications.

– trend and analyze the candidates pool for experience and capabilities of candidates
– identify candidates who are above average in the candidates pool in the population or that matches your strategy for hiring

Parse the resume of candidates into various key analysis variables that captures the experience and capabilities of candidates. This initial part is pretty much a text analysis. Some examples of candidate variables that could be extracted as attributes for subsequent analysis are degree level, specialization subject, prev.employer1, number of years of experience of emp1, prev.employer2, number of years of experience of emp2, …,prev.employer10, number of years of experience of emp10, project title (keyword1, keyword2, …, keyword50, and you can capture attributes of individuals in this way. I can think of few hundred variables in the architecture of this solution.

Analyze these variables to understand the distribution of candidates available to you (Through your applications received) or available through your portal over a period of time.

The second part will be a combination of the above results and a text analysis you will use to identify candidates specifically for short listing your candidates for interview.

Can you think of what that would be? Hey, i am a consultant – i shall make this as an interesting conversation, right?

This is useful for all organizations that get thousands of candidates for interview.

You can do this either with SPSS, SAS, or R.

From Data Monster & Insight Monster