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A Business Analytics Model – Where does your organization fit it?

This is from Business Analytics for Managers – Gett Laursen & Jesper Thorland, Wiley (2010). I call this a “Logical Structure of a Business Intelligence Engine”

Key questions to ask yourselves:

-Identify your position in this model

-What are the most disconnected process in your organization

-What are the most untapped opportunities in your organization

-Why divergence between technical requirements and business requirements happen

-What an organization could do to synergize and to create a well oiled BA analytics engine?

From Data Monster & Insight Monster

Project Management and Building an Efficient Knowledge Organization

I usually do not believe this, but it is becoming more and more clear that the cost of incompetent people in a project who is given a voice which is more than their competency level can actually lead the project in wrong directions and in fact ruin a team and subsequently the entire organization’s credibility, and the organization itself.

Let us start with a all time best seller book:

– Jack Welch’s WINNING.

Wow this is a great book. I guess to appreciate something you have to go through the struggles that necessitates such reading. Also, your leaders will hear and learn only if you quote books like this. So what is he saying?

From Data Monster & Insight Monster