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One Minute Test for Graphics – Economics of Productivity and Never Grown Real Wages

The following beautiful multiple part graph is about

1. Extraordinary productivity growth

2. lopsided personal income gains, increasingly, by the higher and higher income gainers

3. families committing two person earners more and more, more from the point of view of inability to live with in the means of single earners (inferred from the line of insight of the authors)

4. and yet the debt is becoming unsustainable

My Note: Number 3 does not take into consideration the relevance and importance of women participating in labor market, on their own or as part of natural growth, for personal fulfillment and societal growth.

This is courtesy of NY Times. Read the full story here, “The State of Working America”:

age of greatest productivity growth and no growth real wages of lowest wage groups


Figuring out latent dimensions – How to Change Yourselves and What Attitude Will Help

Today, I saw the following, forwarded by my friends in LinkedIn.

Often, people do not where the original publication happened and by whom, making it difficult to give credit.

Subsequently, I found the right original link: ; if anyone has objection to this find, please help me correct.

I took this to next question, on how I may use this to help drive developing specific talents to make changes to one’s life.

I came up with this.

Note that in real life, if some one is missing only one attribute as it portrays here, it is the easiest thing.  Often, we miss multiple attributes.