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Introduction to Predictive Analytics and Data Collection (Strategic Analytics)- DL 402 WINTER 2014 Books and Moneyball Movie

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The books for DL 402 – Introduction to Predictive Analytics and Data Collection are:


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Taming BIG DATA by Bill Franks and PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS by Eric Siegel may be accessed using your library resources.

Note that you do not need to buy the movie just for the course.  You can watch it from the /Library Resources/Course Reserves section of the navigation area.  I bought a copy because I can share with others, on what is meant by “Moneyball phenomenon”.  I also like to give this as a gift to my clients and/or management.

There is no better way to educate people on what is meant by “strategic metric”, “key leading indicators”, and “organizational dynamics of introducing analytics” than watching and learning from this movie and discussing the critical learning.