Data Collection Methods, Sources, and Processes

Data Collection Methods, Sources, and Processes

Equipment based data collection:

Current level of data capture in variety, volume, and velocity with width, breadth, and richness of data captured are represented via intensity of the color, in this list.  The ordering will change in the next 5 years, where sensors/wearables of all types types of equipments, tools, and inter-connectors will dominate the IP(Internet protocol) world, spewing out continuous automated data capture paradigm.

Equipmentbased data collection..Process based data collection:

Process based identification and categorization of data provides very rich understanding of how our life is sewn using data as the thread.  It provides the basis for interactbase, an active data management process compared to database, a reactive and/or passive data mostly, unless it is defined intentionally and then it becomes static and unchangeable easily for fast changing market conditions!  We provide  a rainbow of rich colorful data about ourselves, without realizing the implications of providing such data to others, other than the immediate relevance, satisfaction, or fulfillment of providing such data.

The fact that something – man/machine/environment/ambiance – exists, is good enough reason that it will be generating data and will get stored somewhere in some form and analyzed or will get analyzed once people start seeing the importance of such data.

Process based data collection..















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