Open Data, A New Gold Mine

Economist magazine recently published an article with the title “A new goldmine“, citing it as the new modern day gold mine, not in the deep bowls of mother earth, but in the secret vaults of computing and physical filing cabinets of our great government. That treasure trove of data are going to be made “open”.

– President Barack Obama ordered with a single stroke of his signature, with out much fuss by our dear congress or the senate that “all data created or collected by federal government must be made available free to the public with out violating privacy, confidentiality, or security.  “Open and machine-readable”, the President said, is “the new default for government information”.

This is on top of the buzz and drum beat that are happening feverishly on many fronts on “big data”.

So, I am going to bring to your attention three things that will affect every one of us and it is not unique to USA.  Already Britain is opening up its data, following the idea of “public data belongs to public”.

Data is the new oil, what is the engine?

More data; more dross – Really?

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