Researching for Analytics Success Stories – How to Utilize Northwestern Resources…and Other Resources

2007 – Northwestern joins Google Scholar Program; what does it mean?

How to use Northwestern University Google Scholar.

Also, watch the following regarding Northwestern resources, especially for MSPA program. (Requires NU login ID and password)

Remember, Eric Siegal’s book has 147 success stories and there are many in Davenport and Harris, as well as Bill Frank’s books. So pick up key words from a story and see whether there are more details in a Google search.

IBM Resources:

152 Use cases of analytics success stories.

SAS Customer Success Stories:;

Oracle Analytics Success Stories

SAP Analytics Success Stories

CSC Analytics Success Stories

Splunk Analytics Success Stories

A video presentation utilizing these are provided in (this requires a NU login ID)

Again, this is to enhance your information.  These ideas were shared and discussed in the Stage I presentation.

But made it as a special searching session using a video presentation.

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