Special Readings for Consulting in Analytics Solution Development and Implementation – DL 498

Required Readings


I have been writing these articles on CRM over a period of 10 years, and I will move some of the following to the above required list:


 Predictive Modeling: Myths on Increasing the Predictive Power

 Modeling Process Flow

 CRM Intelligence – Real Time CRM Intelligence and Real Time CRM Best Practices

 Sampling Methods, Inferences, and SAS Procedures for Discrete – Categorical – Response Data

 Interaction term vs. interaction effect in logit and probit models – using STATA to compute the interaction effects – Too technical and you may skip

 Web analytics best practices for marketing and creative – Part 1

 Analysis of Longitudinal Data – Part1.ppt

 A Class of Natural Plots for Marketing Regressions – N-plot.pdf

 Top 10 – Minimal SAS Tutorial Documents – Examples – A Statistician List

PROC SQL Lecture

 Strategies for CRM and Direct Marketing Analytics – Critical Approach and Guidelines

Bayes Theorem, Autoregressive Modeling, and Marketing Optimal Messaging

 Real Time Analytics – Basics of Updating Algorithms

 CRM portals, Analytics, and Direct Marketing Principles are Critical for a Real Time CRM-Direct Marketing Platform

 Pharmaceutical Marketing Mix Models

 Some Principles of Building Pharmaceutical and Non-Pharmaceutical Acquisition Models

 Pharma CRM – Pharmaceutical CRM

 Pharmaceutical CRM – Why Patient Relationship Management is key for product differentiation and competitive advantage?

 CRM Portal, CRM Data Capture, CRM Analytics – Rapid Implementation of Real Time CRM – Part II – Operational CRM

 Pharmaceutical CRM – Differentiate the Product or Die or Do Customer Care.html

 Lead Generation – Consumers – Patients – Optimal Channels for Better ROI – US Mail, Web, Media

 CRM Portal, CRM Data Capture, CRM Analytics-CRM Implementation Requirements

 Marketing Portals – An integrated marketing gateway to a marketing operation

 Optimal Sample Size for Direct Marketing – Some Basics

 Neural Network Approach to Model building – CRM analysis

 Hierarchical Cluster Analysis

 What are the types of CRM analytics?

 Web marketing intelligence – Do you know the effectiveness of your advertisement dollars spent with GOOGLE and OVERTURE sponsorship placements

 Contents of  real time CRM for rapid implementation – Customer Perspective – Part I

 Strategies for CRM and Direct Marketing Analytics – Marketing Options Model

 ROI Trends – Free Tools for Real Time Web Marketing Analytics

 Real Time CRM, Right Time CRM, Customer Relevant Time CRM – Your Priority is…

 Data Hub, Information Hub, Knowledge Hub – Integrated Real Time CRM system.pdf

 Basics of Real Time CRM Intelligence and Real Time CRM Best Practices

 CRM Data Mining – Methods of Dimensionality Reduction and Choosing a Right Technique.

 What is meant by best practices in CRM and/or database marketing.

 Why Real Time CRM is Feasible, Not an Information Overload, and Worth It?.

 Is it CRM software or CRM vendor or CRM implementation?.

 Evaluating your email (e-mail) marketing best practices and fast track adjustments.

 Test for evaluating the state of best practices for your CRM implementation and solution for fast track alignment.

 Web Marketing is Key for Direct Marketing.

 Real Time Analysis, Content delivery, and Data Capture Powers CRM portals.

 Building Real Time CRM intelligence: Some Key Analytics and Strategies.


 Architecture for e-Commerce strategy – Questions and Answers Demystifying Structurally Strong E-Commerce Architecture..

 Using Customer Care to Differentiate a Pharmaceutical Product From Its Competition.

 Why Companies Need Analytics? – Facets of Getting to Useful Analytics.

 Foundations of Database Best Practices for Analytics in CRM Setup.

Where does quality meet CRM?


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