Building Real Time CRM intelligence: Some Key Analytics and Strategies

Key words: CRM analytics, Information overload, CRM decision rules, Powering crm reps, Real time best practices, Right Informtion to Right Customer

How do we lighten the CRM system from the ever increasing database sizes and not be burdened by data or information overload?

How to integrate a nimble CRM analytics system which is delivering with most accurate decision rules for customer service representatives, while not bogged down by the fast and voluminous incoming streams of data?

How do we make the CRM implementation that is responsive in real time, right time, and relevant time for the cusotmer?

Is there a one stop software available for such an implementation?

The key is to build Real Time CRM intelligence with a real time analytics engine:

Some of the basics are listed below for the basic operational needs of CRM intelligence that can be built in a company, if the company wants to use the competitive power that comes through using the CRM methodology.

-          Real time interaction data to the CRM representative, if live reps are assisting the customers; in the case of self service web interaction centers, the data should be available for the consumer with real time update facility.  However when we say real time, we take it for granted that any pure 7x24 web service is real time; what we are saying is "real time for live interaction with the customer using live interaction experts - CRM representatives"

-          Real time access to decisions and recommendations from the customer intelligence engine for the customer service representatives be made available (this is more important than the access to ROI results for the management)

-          Collect always the latest email id, address, phone number (whatever available), but definitely the email ID and phone number.

-          If you have other multiple products sold by the same company, absolutely integrated view of all the customer transactions, experience, and customer input (complaints) and the integrated recommendations be made available for the customer service representatives

Because of the sophistication and intermediate steps that need to be built, fine tuned and delivered to the recommendations engine, typically the “recommendation moulds” are embedded into the recommendations engine, with regular adaptations of “recommendation moulds” so that the rules are relevant as the market, consumer segments, and competition change dynamically. 

This way the real time recommendations engine is not hampered by the data intensive access, crunching, and delivery of recommendations to the reps.

For a detailed documentation read on "Basics of Real Time CRM Intelligence and Real Time CRM Best Practices"; 

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