CRM Portal, CRM Data Capture, CRM Analytics - Requirements for a Rapid Real Time CRM Portal Implementation - Operational CRM

Nethra Sambamoorthi, Ph.D

CRMportals Inc.,

11 Bartram Road

Englishtown, NJ 07726


KEY WORDS:  Real Time CRM system, CRM analytics, Analysis driven CRM, Operational CRM, CRM communications, CRM Integration of Channels,  One Voice Once Face CRM, Time to Sell CRM and Time to Service CRM


In part I, we saw the importance of customer perspective for rapid implementation of a real time CRM system.  We set out the business rules that defines best practices of components of customer perspective relationship that defines the data structure, data capture, data intelligence, and the technology needed to build such a system. We will discuss exactly the kinds of data that we need to capture to execute those components that come out of the customer perspective business rules.

In this part, Part II, we will discuss the components of operational needs of a real time CRM system; essentially we will define the business rules that defines best practices for an operational CRM component.  Subsequently, as before in the case of the Part I,  we will discuss exactly the types of data that need to be collected for executing operational perspectives of a real time CRM system.

The exercise is to think why and how " CRM Analytics " plays a critical in the operational perspective also.


In part III, we will discuss the business rules for management perspective of real time CRM. As before we will not be able to implement everything at the same time, so we provide some prioritizing methodologies to sequence the implementation steps for putting together a working real time CRM system.