CRM Portal, CRM Data Capture, CRM Analytics - Requirements for a Rapid Real Time CRM Portal Implementation


Keywords: Customer Perspective, Operational Perspective, Management Perspective, Priorities in implementing a CRM system, Real Time CRM portal, CRM Data Capture, CRM analytics


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Before we understand the priorities on components of a CRM portal, where to start and how to proceed in building a customer relevant CRM portal, we want to bring out some clarity in those components and how those components are related.  There are three major perspectives to running a company, namely, customer perspective, operations perspective, and management perspective.  Customer comes first, defines the operations, and triggers the management to act to be alive and to be thriving in the competition.

Tabulation for components to achieve, priority score, data to capture, metrics to follow:






Fulfillment of promises of products and services


Fulfillment data, customer data, quality of service data, data for understanding whether right person, right message, right product has been achieved or not

Time taken to fulfill satisfactorily; from order receiving to fulfillment

Payment receiving problems and their patterns

Quality of service

Metrics related to the mantra of "Right person, right time, right message" principles

Quality of life and experiences related to the product

(This helps product development)


Product features for quality of life and experience of the product and services

Data related to quality of life and experience

Data related to Failure experiences


Did the product deliver all the promised features

The failure points where the quality of life and experiences were not fulfilled

What is defines quality of life and experience - analysis of text messages received from customers

New enhancements to products


The expectations of customers

The competitive product data

Expected changes in the life style and life fulfillment of significant demographic groups

Market research data

Intensity metrics of new products needs

Quality of communication


Quality of calls/letters/communications including tone and language and choice of channel of communication

Intensity of metrics for experience and professionalism

Intensity of metrics for expected experience and professionalism

Payment relationship


Data on Credit card information or other payment options, fraud data, return merchandise and resolutions on returns

Waiting time to actual money received

Relevance of other payment options

Fraud intensity and pattens

Reward for better relationship


Data related to reward/incentive programs for better customers

The importance and ROI of reward/incentive program

It is to be noted that even though certain components are prioritized at level 2 and 3 (1 is highest priority), it does not mean they are not important, but in the absence of priorities sited as number 1, they will not add any purpose, but for continued relationship and for thriving on new product innovation these level 2 and level 3 priorities are extremely important. The priority level number 1 just commits to the principle that customer relationship is the top priority and the minimum we need to be fulfilled is the payment is processed properly.