Rapid implementation of a real time CRM portal - Part I - The customer perspective requirements

Nethra Sambamoorthi, Ph.D

CRMportals Inc.,

11 Bartram Road

Englishtown, NJ 07726






Before we understand the priorities on components of a CRM portal, where to start and how to proceed in building a customer relevant CRM portal, we want to bring out some clarity in those components and how those components are related.  There are three major perspectives to running a company, namely, customer perspective, operations perspective, and management perspective.  Customer comes first, defines the operations, and triggers the management to act to be alive and to be thriving in the competition.  In this Part I, we discuss only the customer perspective.

In the next part, Part II, we will discuss the operations perspective.  Now the important exercise is to understand what constitutes the relevant data that the CRM representatives, those who deal with the customers directly, can use effectively and building infrastructure to deliver them to their finger tips, literally, consistently, accurately, relevantly, and fast.  That is the purpose of a CRM portal.