Marketers have many resources to help them execute their established projects and new initiatives.

Especially the direct marketing activities are managed typically by the confluence of technology, database, creative agency, internet marketing activities,  customer intelligence, fulfillment and untiring approach to the marketing mantra "right person, right message, right offer, right response". 

However on a daily basis managing all these from one window is a difficult and often are frustrating to the marketing managers.

CRMportals Inc., builds a technology platform bringing together all these and provides the portal management services to direct marketing managers.

Given below is an example of a (direct) marketing portal for a typical direct marketer.  These are windows or gateways to all the resources a marketer needs to have on finger tips to manage the resources.  CRMportals Inc. uses proprietary bus technology brining together these diverse databases, and portal activities

For an example of a marketing portal and how they are arranged typically, you may Marketing Portals - A simple yet a powerful window to a marketer; An important component of this marketing portal for a direct marketer is the collection of communication tools, which is a different discussion.


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